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    What is a doula ?

    A doula is a also known as a ”birth companion” to support and encourage the woman and the couple during pregnancy, labor and after the birth of the baby.

    I am currently offering labor and birthing preparation workshops as well as Blessingway cereomnies. If you are looking for a full doula service in Quebec City area, you can contact le Collectif Les Accompagnantes.

    What is a “Blessingway” ?

    A “Blessingway” is a beautiful and unique way of honoring the mom-to-be. Traditionnally held by Native Americans as a woman’s rite de passage into motherhood, this ceremony gathers sisters, friends, mothers, grandmothers and family members to share stories and offer advices and blessings to the mother.

    During the Blessingway ceremony, the mother is showering by a wave of love so she can feel supported and confident about the labor and birth of her baby. As a facilitator, I hold a safe and reassuring space for the women circle.


    Surrender and Trust

     Blessingway Ceremony

    Each Blessingway ceremony is a sacred and personnalized ritual. Depending on the desires, it can include: meditation, yoga, herbal tea, oracle cards, breathing techniques, sharing of positive birth stories, affirmations and mantras, sound healing, blessings for the mother and baby, etc.

    Price: 200 $*/ 12 people (including the mother)

    *Material included


    Labor and birthing preparation for couples (private)

    120$ for 2 hours

    Write to me for more information