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    Why Practice Breathwork?

    Because the breath carries the life force. In today’s fast-pace, we rarely breathe at full capacity. Yet, our lungs represent our greatest natural resource in eliminating the body’s toxins. The practice of breathwork rapidly increases our energy level by filling up the lungs with fresh oxygen in order to optimize blood circulation throughout the cells of the body.

    On top of improving physical well-being, this simple and powerful technique helps the body free itself of blocages, softly integrate strong emotions, facilitate letting go and cultivate intuition. Breathwork creates a true sense of lightness and gain mental clarity in order to reach your highest potential.

    Inhale… Exhale…

    Private session

    Tailored to your needs and to your level of experience, the private session is ideal to connect to your inner-self. You will be guided with mindfulness and ease in order to increase your global well-being.

    75 $ / 60 min
    100 $ / 90 min

    Group session

    You would like to safely try breathwork, but you prefer to experience it in a group setting? Create your own group of 3 people or more.

    130 $ / 60 min
    175 $ / 90 min

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