Pavla Dubeau
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    About me

    Pavla Dubeau

    I am passionate about life, movement, nature, travel, perinatality, circus arts and human connection. Yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, doula and mom of three girls, I naturally love helping people feel good.

    My mission

    To inspire people to practice self-care and to live in their truth by facilitating acceptance, letting go and non-judgement. To guide them in reaching their full potential in order to become the best version of themselves.

    My path

    In my personal journey, the practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork has helped me transcend challenges in order to connect to my deep essence, thus living in MY truth. I am here and now to live in love, serenity and joy.

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    I started yoga in my early twenties when I was studying at McGill University. I quickly began to feel the many physical and mental benefits. After three years of regular, I decided to pursue a 250-hour yoga teacher training to deepen my understanding of the poses and to gain more insight into this ancien philosophy. In June 2012, my sister and I became certified yoga teachers from Centre Luna Yoga in Old Montreal. We had the privilege of being the first cohort, guided by inspiring and experienced teachers such as Jennifer Maagendans, Bram Levinson, Dawn Mauricio, Dawn Bailey and Frances Vicente.


    Before being certified, I taught my first classes in Sherbrooke, back when I was studying for my Masters in Marketing Communications. What started out as a passion soon became my vocation. Once certified, I gave yoga classes on the South Shore of Montreal  before eventually moving to Quebec City at the end of 2012. Between 2012 and 2015, life presented me with challenges that impacted my personal growth and professional direction. I lost my two first babies when I was around five months pregnant, followed by three high-risk pregnancies. These events gave me a whole new meaning to life and how to cultivate hope and resilience. During my pregnancies, I completed three prenatal and postnatal trainings. Today, as I mom of three healthy girls, I love to share my knowledge and positivity in my prenatal yoga classes as well as mom and baby yoga classes at Bougeotte & Placotine in Quebec City.


    In 2017, I followed my intuition and decided to enroll in a 500-hour breathwork training with Annie Langlois, co-founder of My Virtual Yoga and a pioneer in her field. I believe in synchronicities. The Universe had answered my request for deeper spiritual meaning by placing this master teacher on my path to accelerate my healing process and to shine a light on my mission. She was the ideal person to guide me on my inner journey. After one intensive year of readings, seminars, introspection, breathwork practice and individual as well as group facilitation, I am now a certified “Alchemy of Breath” breathwork facilitator.


    Finally, I believe working on ourselves is a life journey that is essential to our well-being. If we truly want to help others, we first have to do the work. That is why I continue my trainings with Annie and other inspiring people to learn new techniques and practices that can help with self-healing and personal growth. I believe to work on ourselves is essential if we truly want to help others.